KNOW Foods Gluten Free, Low Carb, Protein Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 4g Net Carbs – 4 Count (Packaging May Vary)

May 22, 2018 0 By Louis

Price: $10.00

KNOW Better Cookies are the delicious, healthy alternative to traditional, grain-based cookies Our products are natural, non-GMO, grain/ gluten-free and great tasting. Nutritionally superior to traditional grain-based cookies KNOW Better Cookies are the first great tasting, guilt-free alternative for consumers seeking healthy lifestyles. Healthy and indulgence are no longer mutually exclusive! Enjoy a KNOW Better Cookie today.ONLY 4 GRAMS NET CARBS: Most gluten free or high protein foods are deceptively high in unhealthy carbs. Not our tasty cookies. This yummy low carb cookies provide an incredibly low 4 net carbs per serving
THE ‘SUGAR’ IN THESE ISN’T LIKE ‘REGULAR SUGAR’ – These cookies are sweetened with Allulose, a delicious, low-calorie ‘rare sugar’ found in nature in things like maple syrup and jackfruits. It tastes a whole lot like regular sugar… but it only has 1/10th the calories! With a near-zero glycemic index, Allulose is one of the ingredients that makes KNOW Foods taste so incredible without adding a lot of empty carbs
AMAZING TASTE: These delicious guilt-free cookies will melt in your mouth and taste better than any gluten free treat you’ve ever had. Full of delicious and healthy superfoods like almonds and coconuts, these cookies make for a tasty treat that’s not only good – it’s good for you
GLUTEN FREE: Eating gluten, the naturally occurring proteins in wheat, barley and rye can be life-threatening to people with celiac disease. These appetizing cookies contain absolutely no gluten, making it a safe, tasty, and healthy treat. 42G Carbs – 26G Allulose – 12G Fiber = 4 Net Carbs
LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: Have a blood sugar issue? These heavenly gifts of cookie yumminess offer a low glycemic index, meaning that for the diabetic conscience or those individuals who have to watch their blood sugar, these offer an ideal blood glucose profile. By making our own cookies with a very low glycemic index, these cookies don’t cause the glucose spikes normally associated with other similar foods