Best online fitness coach | Home workout plan

Best online fitness coach | Home workout plan

June 28, 2018 4 By Louis

Best Online Fitness Coach

Do you know that it is sometimes difficult to lose weight and keep it off?

online fitness coach

So, if you wish to become healthier, thinner and happier this year. If you’re struggling with weight loss which most people do, this will help you get and stay on track to your fitness and weight goals. This is not about how to starve or follow any crazy diet plan but show how to eat healthy and delicious foods that are inexpensive and easy to prepare.

online fitness coach

Best online personal trainer

As an organizing expert and fitness expert which I teach each week at both my local YMCA and the Senior/Community Center I will share with you how easy it is.

First to know little about me, am a fitness instructor certified in ZumbaTM, STRONG by ZumbaTM, Aqua ZumbaTM, and Pound FitnessTM.

But don’t get intimidated by that, I only became a fitness instructor after I got my weight to where I wanted.

Meaning I took a bold step and got very positive improvements in my life which you can also get and that I will share with you.

Mind you, this is not about how to starve or follow any crazy diet plan.

For me, I still eat fun foods like potato chips and chocolates.


Because in addition to regular exercise it is also important to eat healthy and nutritious foods.

Because I love cooking, it has make me to come up with good recipes that are a cinch to make.

These recipes don’t include weird ingredients and they are nutritious and healthy.

They taste great and can be whip up quickly and easily.

Hope you’re not jealous?

You know what? I love to feel good and look good and do wish others to feel the same and exude confidence in them.

online fitness coach

Online fitness coach

In order to help you shine bright now and forever, I organize these goodie to help you organize your health and well-being.

Most of my students says it best Online fitness coaching.

Other testifiers call it Home workout plan with a difference.

And for me I say it is GON GLOWTM designed to help you shine bright now and forever.

But why is so difficult to lose weight and keep it off forever?

Everywhere you go you keep hearing a lot about lose weight, keep fit and so on.  And a lot of Online fitness coach

Meaning it is an important information to note and adhere to so as to live a healthy life.

Don’t you think so?

But why is it so difficult to get in shape and stay healthy?  Because you need…Best online personal trainer and nutritionist

online fitness coach

Here are the reasons:


Fast food has make It so easy for us to get our meal so easy and in most cases it is fat food.

Though sometimes it’s not bad but steady consumption of this fast and junk food is a gateway to weight gain.

But don’t worry in this Online fitness coach you will be shown how to eat healthy and delicious foods that are inexpensive and easy to prepare.

Fat, Sugar and Salt:

A lot of people crave salt, fat and sugar above everything else.

Though they are the foundation of our comfort foods, because Salt make you retain water while Fat and Sugar gets turned into fat almost instantly.

So, knowing this facts food manufacturers pour huge amounts of them into everything they want us to buy.

And that’s why most of the aisles at the supermarket are filled with processed foods made primarily from salt, fat and sugar.

Sugar Epidemic:

There are a lot of warning about the dangers of sugar for decades. But still that’s still what we crave for.

Please note this, 100 years ago the average person consumed just a little more than 7 lbs of sugar per year.

But today many American consumes an incredible 170 lbs of sugar per year.

And if not burn then it will turn to fat.

But do not be afraid I will show you as an Online fitness coach how to enjoy your meals and snacks without overdosing on sugar.

Processed Grains:

Healthful fiber and vitamins of most processed grains have been pulverized into a powdery during process.

This make it turn almost instantly into sugar in our stomachs and if not burn then it will turn into fat.

And in most cases white breads, cookies, crackers, and other snack foods/cereals are made from processed grains.


A lot of misinformation cause a big problem to your health.

Today you’re told that food A is good for you and next month you’re told it is no longer good.

This create confusion and misleading.

That’s why having the right guide in choosing foods that will help you lose weight, eat more of those and which foods to eat sparingly is important.

And that’s exactly what you will see in my weight loss program.

Fad Diets:

Most people are looking for short cut, Fad diet.

They keep looking for quick and easy fixes, but, unfortunately, quick and easy fixes rarely work in the long term.

What you need is an intelligent, healthy, lifestyle solution that works for the rest of your life not fad diets.

And that’s one of the major reason why created this Weight Loss & Fitness program.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

Living a less active lifestyle than we used to be are major cause.

Situation whereby we sit in our offices all day long and get exhausted mentally and physically.

And while we get home we settle into the sofa for the evening watching TV.

Let’s face it, to maintain our fitness and weight goals, in addition to eating right, we also need to move more.

And that make my Online fitness coach workout videos come into play. They are fun and easy to do.

Lack of Motivation:

Motivation is key in every endeavor we embark on.

That’s why most people will sign up at the gym and before you know it they will stop.

That’s why in my Home workout plan I ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

By doing everything I can to keep you up and motivated to continue on your positive journey to a healthier, thinner, happier you!

Now, let quickly dive more into this program.

online fitness coach

Online fitness coach reviews……. Best online personal trainer

As said earlier this Weight Loss, Fitness Program is a healthy lifestyle program designed to help you Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Outshine Yourself.

Meaning, it is the Help You Need to Become Healthier, Thinner & Happier.

 Getting Started: Here you will see the easy introduction on how to always look and feeling your very best.

The Food and Fitness Plan you will need and the Weigh-In Log sheet that will keep track of your weight loss progress.

Getting Started

Here you will see the easy introduction on how to always look and feeling your very best.

The Food and Fitness Plan you will need and the Weigh-In Log sheet that will keep track of your weight loss progress.

online fitness coach

The Food and Fitness Plan

You will see why I hate food restrictions or killer exercise plans, which of course I believe you won’t love also.

So, there’s aren’t any in this program, rather effective plan that is simple, easy to apply, and effective.

online fitness coachAction Bulletins

Every Month you will get an Action Bulletin filled to the brim with health and wellness information.

Along with, you will also get weight loss tips, curbing cravings, toning up, eating strategies tips for dining out, meal planning, hair, skin and beauty tips, and many more.

It is filled with 3 easy actions step you need to focus on each month in this Online fitness coach

online fitness coach

Exclusive Exercise and Dance Fitness Videos

I know you will love this, 50 Exercise/Dance Videos + Bonus Guest Videos Every Month.

This is a personally choreographed fifty and exclusive fitness videos not seen anywhere on the web but only in this program.

It’s packed with good mix of dance fitness and other exercises, all choreographed to music.

With free Bonus Guest Videos too.

And very easy, fun and you can even do them over and over in the comfort of your home and at your pace.

Delicious Monthly Recipes

You will be getting 1 Recipe Issue (5-8 Recipes) each month.

Along with 1 Bonus Recipe Issue (5-8 Recipes) each month which will equal 24 Recipe Issues (170+ Recipes Total)

This are no crazy ingredients, they are all delicious and you can whip up each in no time.

These are same recipes I make for my family all the time and they love it.

Affirmations & Motivation

Motivation is key in this program, you will be getting 1 Motivation/Affirmation Issue every month.

With 1 Bonus Motivation/Affirmation Issue each month = 24 Motivation/Affirmation Issues (Total).

And I know these Monthly TO DOs, Affirmations, and Motivation will keep you inspired and encourage you to keep going.

Community Support

A daily private community is important because you don’t have to go at it alone.

Meaning, I will always be here for you at every step of the journey.  Not only me, but with other folks as well just like you.

We have a wonderful community with a power support group where every member is invited and useful.

With this team you will always get the support you may need.

Great Tips Several times a week

As I already said before, in my personal coaching and mentoring, I will be providing you with insights, tips, snack ideas, fitness tips, and more, several times a week.

Been THERE FOR YOU is so important, and you’ll have the opportunity to comment, add questions, and even share your own challenges and successes.

And inclusive are other valuable bonuses that will help you get and stay on track to your fitness and weight goals.

online fitness coach

Online Fitness Coach


online fitness coach

50 Low-calorie Snack Recipes

This program incorporates 3 meals a day and two snacks a day.

Provided in this bonus is 50 low-calorie snack recipes that offer a wide variety of options, and are a cinch to make and enjoy.

It’s packed with beautiful color photo of each snack on each recipe page to entice you.

online fitness coach

Get Healthy on a Budget

It’s important for you to know that eating healthy and staying fit in a very frugal, and budget-friendly manner can be achieve.

With this bonus you will have access to golden nuggets secrets to doing so.

This same information I also apply to myself because they are budget friendly.

online fitness coach

How to Feel Amazing everyday

Feeling fulfill is an amazing thing in losing weight and getting fit journey.

And feeling amazing inside and out is an integral component this online fitness coach.

Therefore, with this bonus you will get top insights as to how you can begin feeling amazing today and every day.

online fitness coach

Small tweak for Big Weight loss

With minor adjustment that are easy to make while applying this small tweaks you can begin losing weight immediately and keep it off.

They are gems of information that will put you on the right path to reaching your weight goals quickly and easily.

online fitness coach

How to Exercise in Disguise

A lot of people do think of exercise as activities like running, jumping jacks, and sit ups.

But, this online fitness coach is pack with a whole bunch of “unconventional” ways you can exercise, without even realizing you’re burning those calories.

These unconventional ways are what the bonuses  will deliver to you.

Going by the fact it’s important to know the facts about what works and what doesn’t if you want to succeed in any venture.

Which makes trying different techniques and doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Do you think so?

The fact is as we age, we tend to gain more weight for a number of reasons.

Because we are less active and we tend to eat more foods and most times they are pack on the weight.

And with less time to exercise, we relax more often on the sofa with our favorite ‘fattening’ snacks, making our body’s metabolism systems become less and less effective, etc.

Is that not so?

Some people are glue with their TV remotes so that they never have to get up from the couch.

Formerly, most people wash clothes down by the river, but now all they do is drop their clothes into the washing machine, adding soap and pushing a button.

Short cut,  is that not it?

How about walking? we use the elevator to go up one floor instead of using the stairs.

Even with a short distance we still drive everywhere instead of walking.

What am trying to say here is we aren’t active enough each day to burn the calories we consume.

And still we eat the wrong kinds of foods that pack on even more fat and many of them are damaging our health.

With this kind of engagement gaining weight will be natural result of living in our type of modern and convenience society.

But don’t worry, there’s an organized you can take to reverse the trend towards weight gain.

Online fitness coach

First, it’s important to know how to eat to stay healthy and lose weight.

You and I know how bad fast food and junk food are, meaning healthy eating goes beyond those basics.

Likewise, we know how bad refined sugar and chemicals can be for our health. Isn’t it?

online fitness coach

The truth is, healthy foods generally means real foods that are not processed, neither factory made.

Though we are all guilty of this, but learning to choose delicious, healthy, easy to prepare foods that are pack on the pounds are important.

And that you will know from this Online fitness coach.

For me, I enjoy eating and I enjoy the foods I like to eat.

If I don’t like it, I will definitely not eat it

How about you? But don’t worry..

I will show you how to break you plate down into the three, basic, healthy food groups.

online fitness coach

This groups are 50% Fruits & Veggies, 25% Protein-Rich Foods and 25% Whole Grains and Fiber-Rich Carbs.

This has really work for me and other of my successful student.

Likewise, you will learn how to stay fit with fun exercises.

Because for me if it not fun I don’t want to do it and that’s my secret.

With my research on exercise approaches I found ZumbaTM dance fitness classes the most fun and the most effective.

Earlier as I said, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist but an organizing expert and ALSO a fitness expert.

I do teach nine fitness classes each week at both my local YMCA and the Senior/Community Center as a fitness instructor certified in ZumbaTM, STRONG by ZumbaTM, Aqua ZumbaTM, and Pound FitnessTM.

And that has make some very positive improvements in my life which I can’t wait to share with you.

So, by making fitness an important part of my life, and I would like to make it an important part of your life too.

Are you ready?

Let me tell you this, one of my greatest result is: I am now just one or two pounds’ shy of my original weight when I was twenty years’ old

Isn’t that great? because I feel wonderful and I promise, if you join me in this Online fitness coach program you will look and feel great too.

Meaning this year, you will FINALLY Reach Your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals.

And in addition you will get this benefits:

Have more Energy: Losing weight and becoming fit will just naturally give you more energy and you begin to glow more and more.

Beach Body: How about having a body you will always be proud of in any beach wear you put on?

When you put on any swimsuit you become an attraction.

And likewise look beautiful when you slip into those smaller clothes you’ve had your eye on.

Healthier: Everybody definitely want to feel great, which is very important for you and for those that you love, that you are also great on the inside.

And this Online fitness coach will make you to stay as healthy as possible.

Family Activities: More family activities are important and this create happy memories with your family and friends.

Meaning being fit and thinner will definitely help you do that.

Healthier Hair & Skin: For sure, I share my best hair and skin care tips in my monthly GON GLOW program too. Exploring this tips will make you to have a healthier hair and skin.

Save money: If you don’t know bad foods cost a lot of money.  And with the increased health care bills it makes more economic sense to get fit and lose weight.

More Romance: In getting thinner and healthier it improves your self- esteem and confidence which makes you a more positive person.

Because you will become an attraction people around you can’t help but notice all these positive changes.

And that’s an add up to more excitement in your life.

Less Medications: Who like taking medication? Nobody of course. With this Online fitness coach, you will be able to lower your medication.

online fitness coach

But, please always check with your doctor before making any changes to your medication doses.

The bottom line is this isn’t expensive compare to those other Online fitness coach that you usually have no guarantees.


That’s why our Raving Fans keep sending testimonies every day.

Would you like to commit yourself to making the healthy lifestyle improvements you desire?

The truth is losing the overweight weight and getting back in shape is a healthy living.

Online fitness coaching it’s still available…

Online fitness coach

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